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A String of Pearls comprising of Hundreds of

Islands and Skerries


The Norwegian artist Edvard Munch called the nearby small town of Kragerø as "the pearl" amongst the Norwegian coastal towns.

Offshore from Kragerø lies the beautiful archipelago consisting of hundreds of islands and skerries, which is considered to be unique in Norway.

This archipelago is the row of pearls that greet you welcome, either if you come by road or by boat.  We thrive!


Our website wants to share with you life as we live it in the archipelago.

You can read about what is happening on the many islands, and you can catch up on what’s been written, where one can live and lots and lots of more…


Surf your way

on a virtual cruise! The ticket is for free! (It won’t cost you a dime!)
There are very active communities on the islands, and on our news page you’ll find news from the local newspapers as well as local (occasionally very local) news from our own citizen journalists. Reports from many of our activities are also posted here. If you find reports and news written in Norwegian a bit hard to understand, we invite you to browse through the many images that are also posted there. A beautiful image speaks an universal language.... Just to mention some of it


A thriving archipelago community comes with its own set of challenges

We often face forces that don’t see the obvious values of our way of life, and we need to win them over. Luckily, we mostly succeed. Islenders don’t give up easily!

The archipelago have two primary schools, one on Tåtøy and the other on Skåtøy. The schools give safe and short commute with close proximity to everything nature has to offer.

Our children attend the schools in their local area from 1st -7th grade, and thereby enjoy and receive from the nature and closeness to sea and ocean.

Our local communities are active and avid contributors to our updated webpages through our web-group
(Contact us).



is located in Norway, in the county of Telemark. Kragerø faces the “Skagerak” dividing Norway from Denmark.

The area comprises of 307 km² with a population of 11,000 inhabitants who mostly live in the urban areas of Kragerø, Helle, and Sannidal, but are also scattered all over the archipelago.

The district of Kragerø includes 495 islands and skerries which you can visit by boat.

The islands which are inhabited

all the year round are:









Skåtøy (Norwegian only)


Tåtøy (Norwegian only)

There are about. 4000 holiday homes in the district.


Kragerø municipality (Norwegian only)

Kragero Touristoffice



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